Buildup of ice affects our lives in a number of ways, ranging from delays at airports, to power outages after winter storms, to slippery stairs and walkways. It also affects critical performance characteristics of systems across a number of industries, including aerospace, automotive, energy, and marine applications. SurfEllent creates customized solutions to prevent ice buildup on various surfaces, increasing overall safety and system integrity and improving people's lives.

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Anti-icing surfaces play a critical role in a broad range of systems including infrastructure, transportation, and energy. In cold climates, ice buildup can lead to costly events: downed power lines endangering people's lives, malfunctions in aviation systems, delays at airports, and loss of functionality in marine and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Many current systems rely on active de-icing techniques. Most passive coatings are inadequate for meeting the high demands of various industries.

SurfEllent's passive coatings systems represent a step change in anti-icing performance, with extremely low ice adhesion and exceptional durability under severe environmental conditions (temperature, chemical and UV exposure, abrasion). We create customized solutions to address customer's specific anti-icing needs. Our coatings are created from various polymers and can be tuned depending on the demands of a specific application.

Our proprietary ice-repellent surfaces are stable under high shear flows, a broad temperature rangetemperatures while exhibiting non-sticking characteristics. Superior characteristics of these surfaces are shown for enhanced anti-icing with long term durability in harsh outdoor applications.


SurfEllent anti-icing coatings, which demonstrate extremely low ice adhesion, are capable of preventing ice accumulation on any surface, as small shear forces from air flow can easily dislodge the ice from the surface. It also prevents formation of hard, smooth ice layers that are commonly seen on stairs and walkways in cold climates. Like a Teflon pan, ice simply has trouble sticking to our coating. This has applications in aeronautical, energy (power generation, transmission, oil & gas), and marine industries and can reduce the complexities associated with ice removal from critical surfaces.

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Brian Huskinson
Hadi Ghasemi
CTO, Co-Founder
Peyman Irajizad
Scientist and Co-Founder
Sahar Qavi
Materials Engineer
Angela Lin
Sales and Marketing Specialist


Anti Icing Paint

This 1 US gallon or 1 US quart paint can cover 200 sq ft (50 sq ft for quart size) to protect your roof top, stairs, walkways, handrails, and other surfaces from ice accumulation. $349.99 for 1 gallon or $89.99 for 1 quart.

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Anti Icing Sprays

Our anti-icing spray protects surfaces from ice accumulation. Note that sprays are backordered and currently unavailable. Please come back to the site at a later time to check product availability, or leave us a message below and we'll let you know when it's available.

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Slippery Extreme Anti-Icing Surfaces

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